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Embark on a journey of mathematical wonders. Join me as I dive into the fascinating world of numbers, patterns, equations, and functions through engaging and insightful content.

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About Viv

Discover the world of math through the eyes of Willy Viv. Join me as I share my math thinking, explorations, and ideas in entertaining and thoughtful posts at various levels.

I love math, but I did not always have patience for it. When I was a kid, I never applied myself in math class because I thought it was boring. Fast-forward to now, I am always thinking about how math can be taught, how it shows up in my life, stories about fictitious worlds and how math could play out in those worlds, or how to solve silly puzzles I find online. In some ways, this blog is one of those things and allows me to share the creative and silly side of my mathematical obsessions. I am not really sure who this blog is for, perhaps it is for math teachers to glean ideas for lessons or pedagogy. I think there might be a place for math students, as I have ideas of posts that might encourage students to be mathematically devious, which could include alternative methods to solve straight forward problems. Maybe it is for me to finally solidify some of the ideas that have been swirling around my head. In any case, I do hope that you will enjoy reading and I look forward to feedback and questions.